About draftingBOARD

draftingBOARD is a subsidiary of VIZf/x.

draftingBOARD was originally established to service our need to electronically communicate with our clients and consultants. Over time we started offering web space to clients and associates, after that we started offering services to others who had heard about us via word of mouth.

draftingBOARD has grown now to be a full fledged web hosting service. We are proud of the growth we have experienced. We take the responsibility to care for our clients data very seriously. We now have a dedicated staff responsible to maintain and improve upon the services offered.

draftingBOARD services are focused on the needs of firms sharing graphical data and images with others. draftingBOARD offers three levels of service. Basic, Premium and Starter services for customers who need a straight forward highly reliable, high speed sites. In addition to these three service levels we offer our clients unique tools like our projects-dot service for automatic creation of image galleries, web based large file transfer and customized directory listings.

For professionals like Architects, Engineers, Graphic Artists or others who need to share CAD files, image files, and other information draftingBOARD is uniquely qualified to provide hosting services. draftingBOARDs parent company (VIZf/x) is in just this type of business. We use the tools created specifically for draftingBOARD everyday. We have developed custom tools to facilitate the needs of service professionals. draftingBOARD.com is our way of sharing these tools with other professionals.

Please visit Services from the left menus to learn more about how draftingBOARD can assist with your web hosting needs.